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Owners Kirby and Lynn Corwin, 32 year Seldovians, offer both guided tours and rentals of sea kayaks. The area is blessed with a plethora of marine and birdlife and a Kayak'Atak kayak is the best way to see it.

Located downtown, Seldovia, Kayak'Atak schedules a daily 5-6 hour tour of the area (itinerary depends on weather) with stops at isolated beaches with eagle nests, fossils, rafts of otters offshore, and intertidal life at your fingertips. From two to six paddlers can enjoy an afternoon that begins with a gourmet lunch typically comprised of fresh halibut ceviche, king salmon quiche, local berries in a fresh tart, and other delectables from Lynn's capable hands. No experience necessary for the tour.

Kayak'Atak rents, at their discretion, Necky double and single kayaks, with quality NDW paddles and PFD's by the day. We'll give our local knowledge and advice on the weather to ensure your safety and enjoyment. We do insist on experience paddlers for our livery service, and rent subject to weather and availability.

If your interest is in overnight or longer trips, Kayak'Atak can fully outfit from two to four paddlers for a trip down the coast. Kayak'Atak's local knowledge and experience will ensure a safe and exciting trip. Guide services can also be arranged if paddlers have their own gear and need boats and a guide.

Reservations are suggested for all Kayak'Atak activities, but walk-ins are welcome and will be accommmodated based on availability. We also custom design activities to fit your time and desires.

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