30 August2000
Trades have been closed until I can get all of the new ones and the ones left from the PNWPF Convention sorted through. I also have a few Euro new ponies on the way.
I have ammended some of the want list to reflect the ponies I traded for and purchased there too.
Site Map added and trades lists updated again.
Added the Steamers Express a free online colouring book for anyone to use
New backgrounds nad all kinds of stuff for trade AGAIN!

Normal trade updates and things. Also have been started on a hair colour matching guide to match colours from one pony to the other to make reroots easier.


8 June 2000
Most of the trade images have been uploaded. I have yet to get a good working scanner to use and am at the mercy of my parents to use their bad one.
Alas, it makes really dark scans.
5 June 2000
yet another load of trades....if they don't clear soon I will have to ebay them all.....SA~<drowning in ponies>

4 June 2000
Added directions for Brush 'n' grow repairs and anatomy trades and wants updated.

21 May 2000
Peek a boo directions have been updated. there are also photos included. SA~

19 May 2000
removals from the trades and additions too!

13 May 2000
New additions to trades listings. Almost 60 ponies and more yet to come! I have been busy getting them cleaned and ready to go! SA~

17 April 2000
Please forgive me.....I have a freind dieing from a brain tumor. I have been unavailable since my last posting. between Easter and he I have been a bit occupied. I hope to get back to this asap. Johanna

April 16 2000
Many more removals to my wants list. Thank you baby Bows for Half Note and Baby Surprise. Half Note has now completed my Pretty Beat collection. I will be adding the photos soon.

April 15 2000
Shame on me my updates have not been done for some time. I hope to get on them today. I have gone inand removed a load of ponies from the Light house and am planning on getting another load of ponies up for sale today or tomorrow. I have so many to get rid of. I will also be adding to the completed collections section. Now with a new digital camera from my husbands work and the days being longer so I can get plenty of natural light, I hope to get better pics off my sets in there.

I came across more then 50 ponies in the last week and have many to sell. I bought them all for 25 cents each! can you believe it?!?

MARCH 20 2000
I have just been notified that my servers have been down by the ISP. Sorry to any of you who have tried to access my site this past weekend.
I hope they get it working soon.......EEEEEKKK!

MARCH 19 2000
I have revaped the entire spa to amke it easier to navigate through there. Hope it helps you all decide what steps you need to take to fix things up.
I have also added a section on removal of Peek a Boo pony heads. Thanks Baby Gloomy!
Coming soon will be directions to repair Summer and WindyWing Ponies wings, along with a template of the actual shapes and design on the two styles of the wings. I hope to have that working in hte next week or so.

MARCH 17TH 2000
Just thought I would start this up to make it easier to access any new information or see anything that I might be doing. I have a series of changes that are going to start happening in the spa. I hope they make it easier to access any information I have there.

I have started with a remake of the front page. Making it easier to know the places around the Harbor and to integrate any of my new sections. I am aslo going to make the Spa the main part of my site. I really want to fill it with as much info as possible. When people need information i want others to say "go here, she has the most info....."

I will be changing the menus in the spa next. Hopefully this coming week. Let me know what you think.

New items have come intot he pony box and have been listed in the Trades. As well as a load of ponies coming off of the wants lists.