The photo's by Laura Downs

Laura is one of those greating cards photographers. I saw alot of her work come throughThe Scrapyard where i get all of my scrapbooking supplies. I loved her photo's and had to take Marina out there.


Marina did well in her first photo shoot.
The photographer got marina on a very bad day but took some great pictures.




She did do OK. We took along the plad skirt all of the daughters had as a kid. Mama had sent this to me for Marina. It was a total "school girl" look.



Ricky,ofcourse, finds these wonderful dresses for Marina.
We had them just in time for all of the photo's to be taken.
Marina really loves this one because of the two big bows on
each side. It has been duped the "bow dress" by Marina.

You could tell by the end of the day Marina had had enough.
She was very sulky in this pose. But I found it tooooo cute to pass up for this weeks load of pictures. This is one of Jareds favorites


This is Marina and Jareds new kitten, Ramses. He was better behaved than Marina for the photo's. She wouldn't co-operate with out holding him. We found he was in half of the photo's that were taken of Marina.




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