Noble Family Photo Album

I wanted to give you all a few pages to look through. These are taken from the Scrapbooking albums I make in my free time. Some of them come from a 12"x12" album. The scanner can not scan the full page. I only scan in what I thought might be nice to see. I am hoping to update these photos every week for all of you to see. I hope you enjoy them. Just click on the image to get a better full size view of the pages. They may take a little while to load but I think you will like them.



Click here to see the new photos placed here on 31 Jan 00




Marina playing in the grass at the
Elmandorf Air Show in
July 1999




Photos of Marina and Opa Govaars
Opa was trying to teach Marina to ride with
no sucess.
Ketchikan August 1999



Click on any of these to see our valentines day photos from last year
The first is just an intro with a valentine made by my friend Windy
The second is Thijs my nephew and his dog Yeager. Then a Valentine from Juli.
Three is a Photo of Marina and another valentine given to us.