Strawberryland Transportation

These are the different types of little vehicles I have collected and had since I was little. I am still looking for more of the different playsets and butterflies and things.




Big Berry Trolley

The trolley came with attachments that gave destinations for the trolley, a token holder, a trolley bell that really rang,and 5 small tokens like angel is holding to deposit when they took a ride. The trolley gave a little "clicking" nose when the wheels turned and kind of swayed back and forth as it was pushed.






Berry Worm

Berry worm has a place for your doll to sit. She buckled in and then a pet could sit in the attached basket. There were really two baskets, one on each side. the worm would shrink up his tail and then extend it as you pushed him along.







Maple Stirrup and the Oats Mobile

"Maple" was the pony who drew the carriage. She is tan coloured with green and white hair. She also has a "horse brush" with a maple leaf on it. She smells just like pancake syrup. There was also a pink and green saddle you could put on her to just let a single doll ride.

The Oats mobile has a green leaf design as it's mail body. There is a small "strawberry shaped" seal for one rider. The wheels are like strawberry vines with a strawberry in the canter. There is a pink cover with strawberry shape windows on each side. In the rear of the mobile there is a wicker type basket to hold a pet.




Berry Tri-cycle

The berry cycle has a green strawberry leaf frame and pink wheels with strawberry shapes cut into them. There is a small red seat to hold one doll there a straps in the seat to keep the doll in place. In the back of the tricycle is a wicker basket to hold one pet.






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