Ron & Liz’s Family Album
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Yer Captain At Work
(Handsome Devil, Ain't He)

The Captain's Dog “Keeper”

The Captain and His Incomparably
Beautiful and Charming Wife Liz
High in the Himalayas

Ron & Liz with the Big One

Magnus Hansen & Bros.
Norway c.1895

Michael Orion Downing
Born Dec. 3, 1996

"Every hair a rope yarn, every tooth a marlinspike, every
finger a fishhook, and his blood right good Stockholm tar."

We Take This Business Seriously !
Looking at the world through the eyes of a Sea Urchin

Your Captain

I’m a second generation Alaskan, born in Anchorage waaaay back in Territorial days. My mom’s side of the family came over from Norway in 1910 and fished out of Southeast Alaska. She was born and raised in Juneau. Luckily grandpa Hansen didn’t catch all the halibut in Alaska (although I’m sure he tried), so I can still help all of you fill your freezers for winter. My dad came up in 1938 and my mom talked him into staying (thanks Mom). I grew up mostly in Anchorage but we lived all over from Juneau to Unalakleet.
In 1970 I moved to Homer and staked out a piece of land in Bear Cove which was home until my wife and I started building a house in Homer in 1990. I began chartering with Silver Fox Charters in 1979 when there were only about a dozen boats operating here (four of them Silver Fox boats). Finally, in 1989, I got my own boat built the way I wanted it and arranged to continue booking through Silver Fox.

1997 will be my 19th straight year of full-time chartering with Fox. As I look back it has occurred to me that all the fish I threw back as too small in 1979 are now the 100 pounders we hunt every day.

The Old Homestead in Bear Cove

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News Flash! The old captain has swallowed the anchor and sold the boat.
All my old faithful regulars please click here to read my goodbye letter.
For those who would like a recommendation I would say #1 would be Mike Swan who has recently bought a beautiful 35' Bertram with twin 420HP Cat diesels. He also started in 1979 and I taught him everything he knows ;-). Also see my letter or go to Spirit Charters to find out about him. Otherwise the charters I would recommend are:

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