“Fishing is an illusion entirely surrounded by liars in old clothes.” . Don Marquis

This is a Great Day
950 lbs. Total - June 21, 1995

Well, OK, once in a while ya just
can't find one over 25 lbs.

Another big day
(These are the ones we like to show the most)

A good solid average day, 28-55 lbs., 490 lbs. total

“Behold the Fisherman
He ariseth early and disturbeth the entire household
He maketh mighty preparations
And fareth forth full of hope
He returneth late smelling of strong drink
and the Truth
. . . is not in him.”


News Flash! The old captain has swallowed the anchor and sold the boat.
All my old faithful regulars please click here to read my goodbye letter.
For those who would like a recommendation I would say #1 would be Mike Swan who has recently bought a beautiful 35' Bertram with twin 420HP Cat diesels. He also started in 1979 and I taught him everything he knows ;-). Also see my letter or go to Spirit Charters to find out about him. Otherwise the charters I would recommend are:

North Country Charters
Falcon Charters
Capt. Mike's Charters
Salmon fishing charters year round
Bart the Guide
Daniel's Personalized Guide Service

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