Meet Freedom Frog, a definitely different amphibian whose mission in life is to promote recovery from substance abuse and addiction. He's a Disneyesque mascot with a message.

One in 8 Americans is afflicted with the disease, and for every one, 5 to 7 others are affected--our families, co-workers, and friends.

"Presenting a message of hope, help & recovery from addiction."



  • Schedule Freedom's appearance for your organization.
  • Educate your organization about the nature of addiction and options for assistance and treatment, with our group workshops.
  • Ask about our intervention services.
  • Contribute to Intervention Helpline or the Freedom Frog Foundation.

 Freedom Frog and Intervention Helpline, Inc. promote the message of Hope, Help, and Recovery, working with families to confront and overcome addictive behavior.

With tools like the "Story of Freedom Frog" coloring Coloring bookbook, high-visibility events and appearances, counseling, and workshops on the nature of addiction, Freedom and his friends open the door to recovery. His magnetism is especially appealing to children, persuading them not to start down the path of drug and alcohol use. For adults, Frog represents a non-threatening ally and friend to anyone who hopes to change a pattern of addiction.

  • Listen in to the Radio Voice of Recovery: 6-8 p.m. Sundays on KFQD 750 AM.
  • Attend a Freedom Frog Event.
  • Distribute his coloring books to children in your community.
  • Franchise him in YOUR community.
  • Stop by our 12 x 12 Shop.
  • Call Intervention Helpline to volunteer your services.
  • Stay tuned for more information on our website, and thanks for visiting!
 Freedom Frog has traveled throughout the nation to support other non-profit organizations and community substance abuse prevention and education programs. His Hop Across America in 1993 visited more than 50 cities in 28 states. In Anchorage, he's sponsored by the Municipality of Anchorage, organizations such as the Lions, Moose and Rotary, and scores of private corporations and volunteers.
Freedom Frog is a living reminder that the solution to addiction rests with the entire community "family."

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