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Here are a few things to consider when selling property:

The Selling Process
10 Step Marketing Plan
What to Expect Marketing your Home
Getting your Home Ready to Sell
Valuing Your Property
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions?
How long does it take to close the sale?
RE/MAX, real estate, property in alaska, buying property in Anchorage, Alaska real estate, alaska real estate Usually about 45 to 60 days, although it can take as few as 30 days. The actual time depends on how quickly the lender can get an appraisal of the property, a credit report and verifications of bank accounts and employment.

What expenses will I incur prior to closing?
You will need to provide funds for the appraisal. This is usually the only out of pocket expense incurred by the seller prior to closing. If you are a condominium owner, a resale certificate will have to be provided before closing.

Could anything delay my closing?
You may face a delay if the lender discovers credit problems, a history of late payments or non-payment of a debt or tax lien. Buyer or seller may then be required to submit additional written explanations or clarifications.

If the lender has complete, accurate information as quickly as it's requested, everything should go smoothly. Also, information revealed from a home inspection could be a delay.

What do closing costs include?
Closing costs cover the processing and administration of transferring ownership. I will give you an estimate, however, actual costs are figured on a disbursement document and provided at closing.

The selling process

My 10 step plan for marketing your home
  1. Develop a BOV (Brokers Opinion of Value) to correctly price the property based on market trends and availability
  2. Conduct a walk-through with sellers to discuss the best marketable features of their homes and give suggestions for improving property showings.
  3. Provide every Re/Max Properties, Inc. agent with specific information to market the sellers' property.
  4. Advertise the home with a "for sale" sign that gives buyers a number to call for any questions day or night.
  5. Include property on an agent tour of homes.
  6. Notify surrounding households of an available property with a flyer or postcard.
  7. Develop a marketing booklet to leave at the property for any questions that might arise during a showing.
  8. Send flyers to other real estate companies to market the property
  9. Follow up with every agent that does a property showing.
  10. Review current market conditions with the seller at regular intervals.

Contact me directly for further information
John O'Hara 907-257-0183 or Email
What to expect and do during
the marketing of your home
As your agent, I will also be your marketing specialist. It is not often that the listing agent shows the home they have listed. I will instead contact hundreds of agents and try to generate interest with the pool of buyers working with those agents.

Remember that your agent represents you and the agent for the buyer usually represents the buyer. Never offer personal information to the agent of the buyer. Let me communicate information only pertinent to the sale of your home to protect your interests.

Avoid having too many people present during home viewing and inspections. The potential buyer will feel like an intruder and will hurry through the house. Do not allow children or pets to tag along on the visitors tour, it is best to not be present at all.

Leave the showing up to the salesperson, whoever is designated with the task. It is his/her client and they are aware of their needs and circumstances.

Notify me of any showing and collect the business cards of showing agents. I will follow up after each showing to obtain the buyers opinions and comments. This is vital information to correctly market the property.

Try to have your home available for any showing. Some may happen with very short notice. Keep in mind that they are all prospects and your flexibility is essential to your sale.

When an agent makes a viewing appointment, always ask them to call you back if they have a cancellation. Keep in mind that some agents are not aware of this simple courtesy call and you may get stood up.

If you have furniture to sell, never try to do this before a sale is complete.

Do not get upset if the buyer offers you less than your asking price, often times they are just checking you out to see if they can get a "good deal", and it is nothing personal; simply counter with the price for which you are willing to part with your home. Always be cautious of your emotional attachments and how it affects your logic.

Getting your home ready to sell
Contact John O'Hara, your real estate professional
907-257-0183 or Email

The following steps are essential in preparing your home for showings to potential buyers. Keep your home prepared for any visit, some may happen with very short notice and it may be that pop-in buyer who will purchase your home.

Valuing your property
by John O'Hara, Re/Max Properties, Inc. 907-257-0183 or Email

Your property has many values, one to the tax assessor others to your lender and insurance company and yet another to you, the owner. It also has different values to prospective buyers, depending on their needs, desires and financial resources.

The listing price you select will be at best an estimate of what you think will result in a sale. To assist you in selection of a listing price I will prepare and review a broker's opinion of value. (BOV)

Since buyers engage in comparison shopping, the bov focuses on properties currently competing for a buyer's attention. In addition, homes that were recently sold and those that did not sell will be examined. These properties will tell us what past buyers were and were not willing to pay.

The market will ultimately determine the best obtainable price. It is highly unlikely that a buyer will pay more for your property than they would have paid for similar property with similar amenities and features. Houses that do not meet current competition simply do not sell. They may, however, sell the competition.

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