Export Council of Alaska

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The Export Council of Alaska is one of a nationwide network of export councils intended to foster the international competitiveness of the United States.
Nationwide, export councils link together 1,500 leaders of business, government, and academia with the International Trade Administration (ITA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce. They serve as an advisory group and communications link between the exporting community and the U.S. Commercial Service of the ITA.

Council Members are select trade specialists dedicated to providing leadership and counsel to the international business community. They are recognized for their knowledge, experience, and ability to influence the environment for exporting in the region they serve. Council members are uniquely qualified to help shape the strategies of individual firms so they can compete more effectively on a global basis.

Each member is appointed to a limited term by the Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the President. This honor demonstrates not only the member's significant status in Alaska's trade community but also the high level of service that is expected.

Mission Statement:
Counsel local business executives and managers on strategies for increasing sales of their products and service in foreign markets.

Advise on issues, laws and regulations involving Alaska exports

Inform/educate the business community about opportunities associated with the export of
products and services

* Sponsoring seminars, workshops and conferences on issues relating to international trade
* Volunteer expertise in export marketing and finance to Alaska business
* Arranging appearances by key decisions-makers in government and industry to discuss trade related issues
*  Developing positions on proposed policies, regulations and other issues related to international trade
*  Working with the state's congressional delegation on trade issues
*  Awarding scholarships to college students pursuing careers in international trade
*  Publishing and speaking on export related opportunities
*  Hosting foreign buyers and dignitaries
*  Providing briefings to Alaskans traveling overseas and information to Alaska firms on foreign buyers and investors
*  Sponsoring the annual Export Alaska Banquet
*  Sponsoring export workshops for specific industry sectors
*  Actively supporting the Alaska Export Assistance Center of the U.S. Commercial Service