Trade shows, conferences and exhibitions bring your company and it's products to the attention of
your potential customers. The Export Council of Alaska recognizes that to develop markets and
meet potential customers requires a huge financial obligation. Personnel expenses, travel costs, entry
fees, brochures and all of the associated requirements of an exhibitor are expensive.

Is your company planning to attend a trade show or conference in the near future? Are you surprised
at the high cost of attending a trade show and of renting a commercial quality trade show display
booth? The Export Council of Alaska appreciates the challenges and the expense of attending trade
shows and exhibitions. We want to help Alaska companies to attend as many trade shows and
exhibitions as possible.

The Export Council of Alaska has purchased a portable trade show booth for your use. The booth
is available for rent by Alaska companies seeking to promote their products and services. The
Export Council trade show booth is of the newest design and manufacture. It is completely portable,
has it's own carrying cases and it's own lighting system, this booth is top of the line. It will help you
present your company and your company's products in the best possible light.

Rental Fees:
The minimum rental fee is Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00). The minimum $200 rental fee is for
payment for four days rental or less. Beyond four days, the rental fee is to be Fifty Dollars ($50.00)
per trade show day. You are allowed a "no charge" grace period of three days prior and three days
following the trade show dates at no charge for transportation. However, all other days will be
charged at he rate of $50/day.

Damage & Security Deposit:
A refundable security deposit of Four Hundred Fifty Dollars ($450.00) is required.

Maintenance Fee:
A Maintenance Fee of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) is assessed for each rental agreement. This
Maintenance Fee is not refundable.

The rental fee, damage deposit, and maintenance fees are to be paid in advance on the date of
confirmation of your reservation.

Contact Tina LePage at 271-6237 to make your reservation.