Eureka Summit Area Trails

      Trail Listing
1 Inner Loop Trail (groomed)
2 Outer Loop Trail (groomed)
3 Marie's Trail
4 Four Corners to Monument
5 Willow Creek Trail
6 Cottonwood Creek Trail
7 Crooked Creek Trail
8 Alfred Creek Trail
9 Caribou Creek
10 Squaw Creek 
11 Goober Lake Trail
12 Majestic Valley Trail
13 Nelchina River Trail
14 John Lake Trail
15 Lake Louise Route
16 Cameron Pass Trail
17 Little Nelchina River
18 Old Nelchina to Tyone Creek
19 Little Nelchina to Tyone Creek
20 Little Nelchina to Horsepasture
21 Yacko Creek Route
22 Little Oshenta River
Area Places
A. Alascom Tower
B. Caribou Creek Route to Long Rifle Lodge
C. Slide Mountain Elv 4090 FT
D. John's Lake
E. Old Nelchina Townsite
F. Monument Elv 4570
G. Horsepasture
Stop in at the Lodge for breakfast, lunch or dinner and ask us about the current trail conditions or questions about the area and after a long day of riding the trails stop for a rest in the lounge and have a cold one.

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