David Knight Ancestors

My direct Knight line would be:

Photos from the Family Tree

David Dale Knight was the son of William, grandson to Joshua.

James Richard, David Dale's son.

George Richard (Dick) is my grandfather. He died of Leukemia @1969. As you can see from the picture, he was a Missouri State Trooper (one of the very first).

My father James (Jim) Richard. He was born May 1933.

David and Leanne at her birthday party


Six Knights.................David Dale is seated, James Richard is standing to the left.

.......................................The other 4 people are unidentified. If you know who they are, email .... David.

Family Traits:

David writes:

One Knight characteristic we all share is height. JRK I was 6'6", my grandfather was @6'4", my father and brother are about 6'2" and I am @6'3". My oldest boy, while only 5'3" now, already wears a men's size 10 shoe, so he's got the platform for height. E.V. Knight, another Joshua descendant, also said most of his male relatives we above 6', so it does appear to be a trend in the family.

The Quest

William Knight born about 1837, in Georgia----

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