Richard Knight, aft. 1700 (m. Elizabeth)
Ephraim, 1734 (m. Mary)
Meredith, 1768 (m. Frances Daniel)
Joshua, 1794 (m. Mary Spence)
Nancy, 1835 (m. unknown)
James Monroe "Roe", 1854 (m. Eliza Abernathy)
James Andrew, 1878 (m. Prudie Johnsey)

Nancy Knight
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Nancy Knight had 3 children:
  • Roe Knight,
  • John Tedford Knight, and
  • Mary Knight.
James Monroe Knight Family
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James Monroe “Roe” Knight & Liza Jane Abernathy Knight back row,
L-R front row is Bill, Joe, Lula, Mollie, Wes, & Jim
James A. and Prudie
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Jim and Prudy (Prudie) Knight are the last common ancestors between Eric and Sherry.

Sherry's Branch

After James Andrew Knight, Sherry branches off to
  • Ralph Lamar Knight, then to
  • Donald Morgan Knight

Monroe Knight 6 Generation Combined Picture by Sherry Knight
Six generations of Monroe Knight family.
L-R...... Roe, Jim and Ralph, Don, Mark and Tate.

Sherry Knight, her brothers and parents.
..... Donald Morgan, Cleona Kennedy, and her brothers Patric Lamar and Donald Jr. ("Mark").

Eric's Branch

After James Andrew Knight, Eric branches off to
  • Luther Knight and then to
  • Betty Jo Knight, and then to
  • John Smithey

Luther and Mabel's Family
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Eric writes:

"Luther and Mable Knight - son and daughter-in-law of Jim and Prudy and my great grandparents.

The final picture is of Luther and Mable Knight's family (including all of their children - taken last year (2007) in Emerson, Georgia).

They are: Front: Barbara Knight Lester, Betty Jo Knight Smithey, Geneva Roe Knight (named after Monroe Knight), Marvin Knight, Ruth Knight Springfield, Shirley Knight Lyles, Chase Springfield Back: Eric Smithey, Johnny Smithey, Sam Springfield, Debra Lyles Fisher.

It's a motley crew."

Eric's Links:

Lula Knight- daughter of James Monroe Knight
(= sister of James Andrew Knight)
See a younger Lula in the James Monroe Knight family picture at top of this page.

Mary Knight
------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- This is Roe and John Tedford’s sister Mary Knight. They moved from Georgia to Texas.
This photo was made CA 1909 in Cartersville, GA.
Back row L-R Billy Brooks 1890-1964, Minnie Brooks 1887-1973 and Odell Brooks 1893-1979
* Middle Row L-R Andrew Jackson Brooks 1857-1951, Bessie Brooks 1903-1994, Paul Brooks 1908-1935 , Mary Knight Brooks 1891-1937, and Pierce Brooks ?,
Front Row Virgil Brooks 1896-1927, Buren Brooks 1900-1994, and Lewis Brooks 1899-1988, not pictured Lula Brooks 1881-1924

Yep, 10 Kids…