Dianna, Roy, Deborah, Martha, Tom, and Beverly's Ancestor Page

Thank You, Deborah, for some (most) of these wonderful photos. I also want to thank Nita Reed for court documents, and other information, and Roy for the dna test and other information. In addition, thanks to my dad for some photos, and to Martha Cross and Beverly Howard for photos of Sallie and Minnie. Tom, also, has sent photos from his people.

Richard Knight, 1700,  
	Ephraim Knight  1734,  
		Meredith Knight  1768,  
			 Ephraim Knight   1792,  
				Andrew J. Knight    1819,
		        Dewitt Clinton Knight 1851	
                                           Charles Daniel Knight 1857

Andrew J. Knight
Charles Daniel Knight
Children of Dewitt C. Knight with Charlie Odneal
(other children will be listed whe descendants turn up)
  • Ida Mae (Tom's branch)
  • Nina Ruth
    Children of Charles Daniel Knight with Sallie Bugg Foster
    • Minnie Leithe Knight Deborah's Branch
    • Voohris Lee Knight Martha and Beverly's Branch
    • Lilly May Knight
    • Charlie William Knight Dianna and Judy's Branch
    • Sallie Rebecca Knight
    • Thelma Edna Knight
    • Jesse Daniel Knight Roy's Branch
    • Callie Craig (not Knight... see Sallie's former husband).

Andrew Knight & Olivia (Letha) Beckham
Charles D. Knight & Sallie Foster
Charles D. and Sallie

Side note on Olivia (Lethy) Beckham:
I have not any confirming information on Lethy's parents, but as a result of researching the branches for this website, I noticed that Mr. C.L Beckham (age 45) and family lived in house #938 in the Giles Co, Tenn. 1850 census, while Andrew Knight and wife Lethe Beckham (age 20,) are listed in house #939. There is another Beckham family in house #937, but the head of household is Benj. Beckham (age36). I suppose either one could be Lethe's father. But Andrew Knight's first wife Drucilla Hardy had son Thomas J. (Jeff)Knight who was married to Sarah Ann Beckham, who appears to be in the 1850 census as daughter of C. L. Beckham with a wife named Mary Ann who was 27 at the time C.L. was 45. I wonder if Andrew's wife Lethy is actually the sister of Andrew's son's wife Sarah Ann, or perhaps she is half sister if Mr. C.L. Beckham had another wife before Mary Ann. I do not have a census page that shows Lethy in a parent's home. That would have to be 1830 or 1840, and I don't think names of children show on those. (spelling side note...in 1850 she is Lethe, in 1860 she is Lithy, and in 1880 she appears to be Letha (hard to read).

I am totally open to information or suggestions on the parentage of Lethy Beckham, wife of Andrew Knight.

Charles Daniel Knight's son...Charles William Knight and his son Charles J. Knight...

Judy and Dianna

Charles (Charlie) William Knight

Charles Daniel Knight's Daughter...Minnie Leithe Knight

Deb Woodward (the Bride)

Minnie Leithe is the namesake of Olivia (Leathe)Beckham Knight. (However, the spelling is negotiable; I have seen it Leathy, Lithy, Lethy, and Letha.)
Minnie Leithe Knight
Jesse Knight and Minnie L. Knight

Charles Daniel Knight's son Voohries... down through daughter of Voorhies: Elsie Knight Moore

Beverly Howard (left) and sister Martha Cross (on porch)
Elsie Knight Moore

****(click this picture for a bigger view)
Beverly came to Alaska on a cruise, and visited with me. She gave me the picture of Minnie Leithe Knight, which connected me with Deb Woodard who found me on the internet.

Beverly's sister, Martha, is the one who I got in contact with in connection with the Knight Crest, which was commissioned by their mother, Elsie Knight Moore.

Charles Daniel Knight's son... Jesse Lee Knight

L-R...Jesse, Alfred R. , T.A. (init only) and Roy Marlin.
Jesse Knight Family
...Jesse Knight and Minnie L. Knight
Comparison Andrew J. Knight /Jesse

Dewitt C. Knight (brother of Andrew)
with Ida Mae and Nina Ruth
(back of picture actually names Ida Mae)
Ida Mae Knight
John Robert Reed
Ida's Twins: Dossie and Dovie (this group of photos sent by Tom, and his new cousin. Dovie is his grandmother)
Mystery Person in Knight photos
Charles D. Knight's children (most of them)
(click the image for a larger one)

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