Alaskan King salmon Boating on Alaska's Deshka River
Bill with 1st King Salmon of the season
(Mid May.)
Susan, on left, heading up the Deshka, son Michael,
in front of boat, and Bill's sister, Cathy, on right
(best dessert and pastry chef in the Valley.)

"The Jarvis' obviously enjoy what they're doing. Their enthusiasm and joy of Alaska is infectious," heard from many a guest after a visit to the Deshka.

A dream come true! The Deshka Silver-King Lodge had been a successful business for over 17 years when Bill & Susan took over in the spring of 1994. Love at first sight, the lodge was exactly what they had been dreaming of for 10 years. Fishing on the Deshka in 1984, Bill and Susan dared to voice their dream of living there one day. With the previous owners retiring, the story came full circle. From being managers in Fortune 500 companies to running a remote lodge in this gorgeous area of Alaska, Bill and Susan feel their standard of living has skyrocketed. They revel in the quiet beauty of the Northern Lights in the deep of winter and rejoice in the sunshine of the mid-summer 20-hour days. Their favorite joy is to share the beauty and enjoyment of their dream-come-true with visitors from all over the world.

They are happy to make any optional or special arrangements for you to enhance the enjoyment and diversity of your visit. Reservations are best made as soon as possible to insure room availability. A fifty percent deposit is requested to confirm reservations.

"We look forward to working for you this summer, or next. Thank you."
Bill & Susan

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For information or reservations for the Deshka Silver-King Lodge please call or write:
Bill and Susan Jarvis (907) 733-2055 Toll Free (800) 928-2055 E-mail: info@deshkalodge.com
P.O. Box 870910 Wasilla, AK 99687