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The world's an idyllic place, if you listen only to the tourist brochures ... nothing but sunny weather no matter where you go, no matter when you go there. But too often we arrive in the place of our dreams to face high winds, driving rain or two feet of snow when all we packed was shorts and swimsuits.

If we'd only known.

Portage Glacier, for example, gets more than its share of stormy weather throughout the year. The photo at below right, showing Portage Valley weather at its worst, was taken in March 1999 when the Visitors Center was closed for three weeks because of frequent whiteout conditions (to say nothing of roof-height snowdrifts). Visitors Center in stormIt's often rainy and windy in Portage Valley during the summer but, if you're prepared for it, that only adds to the adventure of the visit that can include dramatic views of hanging glaciers, a hike to a nearby glacier and a lake cruise to the face of Portage Glacier itself.

Well, this part of the Alaska Scenes site is intended to help you if Southcentral Alaska is in your travel plans. If you come properly prepared, Alaska can offer you the vacation of a lifetime. Alaska does have warm sunny days as well as all the other kinds of weather. It's a wonderful place to visit -- and to live. But there's more to it than tourist brochures may suggest.

This section of the Alaska Scenes site tells you what to expect and what to bring. It also offers a chance for past visitors to this part of the state to provide their own tips and tales.

If you haven't visited Alaska and want to know what other visitors have said, bookmark this page and return to it soon. Past visitors' comments are being posted as they arrive. Initially, I've also provided some of my own tips for travelers.

If you have visited Southcentral Alaska and want to offer other travelers advice, you can do it by completing this form.

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