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A Knight of the Rose and Circuit greets you.

Welcome to the home page of The Leprechaun Corp,  a group dedicated to fulfilling wishes since 1991.  It is our self-appointed hobby to right other's wrongs, enjoy ourselves, and bring smiles to those who are karmic-ly in need.  So sit back, relax, and let your mouse continue clicking, we hope there's something in here for you.  If not, please let us know.

"The best laid plans of mice and men are often acts of desperation."  -Alan Nelson

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Search for your heart, for we are about to hunt the unicorn...

The strength of the land, the speed of the wind, and the spirit of the forest. All of these describe the 'corn and more.

The creature is the symbol of purity and all that is wild. From the submission it shows to the untouched maid to the savagery it shows to those that hunt it.

Because of and inspite of this, we will pursue the beast. Not for its blood or its horn. Neither for gold or meaness of spirit.

We do so for the unicorn is our inspiration. The grail and the God of our souls. Where it walks, the land heals as well as our lives.

So look for our heart if you will; if you dare. For it is found in the rushing of the wind and the silence of the forest, where ever the land is at peace.

-Alan Nelson

Who's Who:
The Leprechaun Corp: aka: 'The Corp'.  An organization dedicated to not working, granting wishes, and impromptu snowball fights.  Now seeking qualified applicants.
The Good Prince Weekend: aka: 'Fluff-head'.  The defacto leader of The Leprechaun Corp and all things involving play.  Nice guy but not to bright and couldn't buy a clue when it comes to women.
Ma Nature: aka: 'Mother Nature'.  The current ball and...er... girlfriend of Prince Weekend.   Responsible for making the world work, especially the weather.
Father Time: Fomer beau of Mother Nature.  Responsible for making sure that 'time' happens so all your birthdays don't run into each other at once.
Old Man Winter: The entity in charge of snow, ice, cold, and all the other things that the ski-bums and ice-sprites enjoy.  Indirectly responsible for the Northern Lights.
Leprechauns: Pranksters and mischief makers.  Currently in charge of making rainbows and granting wishes.   Notorious for skipping out on work and delivering justice to greedy folk who get in their way.  They report directly to Ma Nature and Prince Weekend.
Rainbows: The essence of magic; dreams made real.  Or perhaps they are reality made dream-like.
Alan Nelson: The founder of The Leprechaun Corp and a Knight of the Thorny Rose.  Handed leadership of The Corp over to Prince Weekend.  A respected naturalist within The Corp.
The Order of the Thorny Rose: A group of people who continue to live their lives despite the trials and pains that have occurred. The order is dedicated to promoting hope and providing a helping hand to those who will help themselves.
The Order of the Rose and Circuit: A group of people who have  technical skill and a desire to create.  Knowing that something better exists 'out there', this order is dedicatated to finding where 'there' is and bringing 'it' here.
The Order of the Bouquet and Garter: An order almost entirely made up of women.  They have taken it upon themselves to give all those dashing knights something to do, and are dedicated in making sure the knights survive it.  That are always looking for qualified applicants.
the evil duke weekday: (may his name forever be spelled in smallcaps): The main thorn in the side of The Corp.  Due to his workaholic ethic, he has vast amount of resources to make sure that other people are working just as hard as he is.  A real downer at a party and responsible for the concept of 'salary (exempt) pay' and 'final exams'.


Learn about the "Moot"
Learn about the Northern Lights.

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The real leprechauns are out making rainbows. Until they get back this page is under construction.

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