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Women between the ages of sixteen and twenty-seven are wanted . Intelligence a must, beauty a bonus. Must be willing to accept dangerous assignments and appear to be distressed for the benifit of knights in both shining and non-shining armor. Rendering aid to said knights without getting caught should be expected.

Duties to include being kidnapped and rescued with eventual duties to include arranging same. Knowledge of psychology (draconic and human) helpful. Basic skills in the care and feeding of horses and hunting raptors will be considered a plus.

Salary: Room and board provided as well as a flat 10% of kidnapper's treasures (before taxes). Applicant can also expect dinner and party invitations and the occasional engagement ring.

Please contact Alan Nelson at the Leprechaun Corp HQ or send mail to: webbrownie

Wanted: Leprechauns

Men and women of all ages are needed to aid in the granting of wishes, instigating snow ball fights, and creating rainbows. Other duties may be asigned. Work should not be expected for those who qualify for the position.

To qualify please send one complete, original wish.