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Alaska Motorcycle Adventures

BMW Rental Motorcycles

Motorcycle Rental or Guided Tours

For those that would like to simply drop in and rent a BMW motorcycle to explore Alaska, contact
Alaska Motorcycle Adventures.

Want a guided tour? Ride one of their motorcycles through Edelweiss Bike Travel!

Phone: (907) 376-4513


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Trails End BMW Motorcycle Shop
in Fairbanks Alaska

Trail End BMW Shop
Chuck Blaney, George Rahn, and Kurt Schreiber

If you get anywhere near Fairbanks Alaska, and you need parts and service (or a new or used motorcycle) go see George Rahn at Trails End BMW Motorcycle Shop. This is the most unusual BMW Dealership in the world. You will not be disappointed with George or his shop!

Trails End BMW
PO Box 80754
Fairbanks Alaska 99708
Voice (907)-479-2367


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The Motorcycle Shop in Anchorage Alaska

The Motorcycle Shop (BMW Dealer)

Owned by Don Rosene, the Motorycle Shop at 400 W. Potter Dr. is located in the middle of Anchorage. Call 561-1165 or go to for more information.

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