This Month in Alaska History
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This Month in History is compiled by Robert N. DeArmond of Sitka

November 1, 1947--A retail sales tax took effect at Sitka; it was the first in Alaska.

November 2, 1920-- Anchorage residents voted 328 to 130 to incorporate as a first class city.

November 3, 1942--Construction crews building the Alaska Highway from the north and south met at "break through," 20 miles east of the Alaska boundary.

November 4, 1884--The first U.S. District Court was formally organized at Sitka.

November 5, 1912--An election selected 24 members, 8 in the Senate, 16 in the House, for the first Territorial Legislature

November 6, 1940--An entire block, including the post office and a hotel, were destroyed by fire at McCarthy.

November 7, 1938--Construction began on a long awaited small boat harbor at Juneau.

November 8, 1955--The Alaska Constitutional Convention convened on the campus of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks.

November 9, 1929--Carl Ben Eielsen and Earl Borland were killed when their plane was wrecked in Siberia.

November 10, 1897--The Skagway post office was established.

November 11, 1863--Hudson Stuck, who became an Episcopal priest and the author of several books on Alaska, was born in England.

November 12, 1910--The steamer Portland, known as the "Gold Ship" was wrecked at Katalla, a total loss.

November 13, 1913--The bark A. J. Fuller, loaded with Alaska canned salmon, was rammed by a steamer at Seattle and sunk.

November 14, 1938--The Copper River and Northwestern Railroad, with track from Cordova to Kennecott, discontinued operation.

November 15, 1907--The business section of Cleary near Fairbanks was destroyed by fire.

November 16, 1973--Congress passed the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Authorization Act, which cleared the way for construction of an oil pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez.

November 17, 1916--A 40-man detachment from the U.S. Infantry arrived to take station at Anchorage.

November 18, 1959--The first pulp was produced by the Alaska Lumber & Pulp Company at Sitka.

November 19, 1942--Driving of the Portage-Whittier tunnel was started.  It was holed through a year later.

November 20, 1909--Igloo No. 4, Pioneers of Alaska, held its organizational meeting at Fairbanks.

November 21, 1900--The Uyak post office was established.

November 22, 1942--The Alcan Highway, as it was first named, was dedicated near Lake Kluane.

November 23, 1941--Two business blocks in Seward were destroyed by fire.

November 24, 1947--The freighter Clarksdale Victory was wrecked on Hippa Island in British Columbia.

November 25, 1922--The Alaska Electric Light & Power Company installed a 20-watt radio broadcast station at Juneau.

November 26, 1867--The first bill was introduced in Congress to organize the Territory of Alaska.  It died in committee.

November 27, 1886--John Charles Sehgers, Bishop of Vancouver Island, was murdered on the Yukon River.

November 28, 1931--The passenger steamer Alameda of the Alaska Steamship Company was gutted by fire at Seattle.

November 29, 1930--Operations were suspended at the copper mine at Latouche on the island of the same name.

November 30, 1895--Peter Trimble Rowe was consecrated as the Episcopal Bishop of Alaska.