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Crest from our senior sweatshirts - VENI VIDI PARTI

Our 20th reunion was July 16-18, 2010.

Prices: $85/$140 (single/couple) before June 16th;
$100/$150 (single/couple) after that

Payment: join the Bartlet 1990 20-Year Reunion Facebook group,
or contact (Della Throp) for payment address.

For more details, join the Bartlet 1990 20-Year Reunion group on Facebook, or email us.

If you can't come, send photos of what we're missing! Email them to

Please send us your contact information.

20-year reunion contacts:

Carrie (Knight) Smoldon, chair
Della (Broscious) Throp, treasurer
Crystal Burley, Todd Doiel, Carmen Muñoz-Jackson - directors
Royce Williams, geek

The Bartlett 1990 30-year reunion.
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