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As you can see we are still under heavy construction, but in the future I hope to supply you with only the best links, art, game sessions, adventures, PCs and NPCs, spells, magic items, character generators, maps, True Type Fonts, .wavs and midis, and everything that you and I can think of to make your gaming sessions the richest and most memorable ever.

Please be sure to sign my guestbook!  Give me all your opinions, submit your ideas, and please notify me of any errors or incompatibilities. Your feedback will help this sight become more enjoyable for both you and me.

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6/17/99 New banner, new PBeM, new spells, oh my!  New faces, new monsters, a virtual revolution, follow the Campaign Ideas road!

Legal Mumbo Jumbo
If there weren't so many lawyers and other parasites (that's libel, sir!) in this blessed country I wouldn't have to do this.  But since our legal system is based on the upholding of justice (though the technicalities that lawyers present usually obstruct justice - ha ha libel again!) I feel as though I would be prosecuted if I did not.  Please don't waste time reading this.  All art is denoted by artist, I in no manner claim to have created anything on this page from scratch, if so I'd have it labeled.  The Bravenet Logos are courtesy of Brad and Dave over at Bravenet and they have it copyrighted with all rights reserved.  All other logos that have or will appear are copyright of the company they look like they're from. (e.g. a Blizzard logo will be copyrighted by the most excellent guys at Blizzard)  If for some utterly bizarre reason any adventure or story within this page somehow resembles your life experiences it is purely coincidental, and even more absurdly, if you think I've stolen something from you (any of you in good taste have no reason to question my honor) you have my e-mail, so we'll straighten stuff out.