Electrostatics Book Collection

Informational, educational

Electrostatics: Exploring, Controlling and Using Static Electricity


This book is considered a classic in the field. Written in the 1950's for young readers (high school age), it gives good explanations of electrostatic phenomena and describes the author's static generators. The book lacks bells and whistles so it may not be exciting at first glance, but it is one that you can go back to for real answers. 

Homemade Lightning: Creative Experiments With Electricity


R.A. Ford has really done some good work here. The book documents the construction of a sectorless Wimshurst machine, gives details for every step, and supports everything with theory. There are excellent photographs throughout the book, and a few articles from other sources.

Gordon McComb's Gadgeteers Goldmine

Several hands on electronics projects that produce interesting electrical effects. Construction of an induction coil, small and large Tesla coils, plasma globes, and other "toys" are detailed.

Contact and Frictional Electrification

Known as "the" treatise on why things electrically charge when they are rubbed together.


An engineering textbook on electrostatics.

Electrostatic Discharge : Understand, Simulate and Fix ESD Problems

Thinking of going into business?

Powder Handling and Electrostatics

Written By Thomas Jones, of the University of Rochester. You may want to see their website about electrostatics: Electrostatic Demonstrations at the University of Rochester.  A good book for people who want to avoid blowing up their factory with a stray spark.

Fundamentals of Applied Electrostatics

Another textbook

Young Readers


Eyewitness: Electricity

This is an outstanding book about electricity, for adults or children. The supporting photographs and illustrations really make the book a winner.

Young Reader's Books About Electricity

This is a listing of best selling books about electricity and electronics.



Science and the Founding Fathers

Benjamin Franklin's Science

Bernard Cohen's books are really good. Packed full of content, yet pleasant to read (a rare combination).

Electricity in the 17th and 18th Centuries...

Hielbron's book really paints a marvelous picture of how knowledge about electricity developed. It deals primarily with the time period when "electricity" was only known by its visual and audible effects. The book includes several excellent historical illustrations.   


Frankenstein's Children

Marginally related

(but still good reading!)


The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla


Wizard : The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla

Colorado Springs Notes 1899-1900

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