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At Niel-San Shibas we breed for Temperment, Obedience, Confirmation, Personality, and Search And Rescue. *** If you are reading this, your Browser doesn't support the Java programming language. If it did, you would have seen a neat set of graphics here. Please get a copy of Netscape v3 or Internet Explorer v3 or higher to properly display this page.

The Shiba Inu is an ancient breed developed in Japan as a hunting dog. They are small to medium in stature standing up to 15-1/2" (female), 16-1/2" (male) at the shoulder with an average weight of 23 pounds. Thick coat, upright ears, a tightly curled tail, and a pleasant temperment are other identifying traits. They make excellent burglar alarms...

Ch. Kaviq and Ch. Eek of Anchorage, AK


CH. Fan-z's Bold Without Kaviiq on the Left.

CH. Niel-San's Bold Without Eek on the Right.

These dogs are brothers, but not littermates.

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A typical Shiba puppy (Kaviiq at 10 wks):

At Niel-San Shibas we believe temperment and type go hand-in-hand. What good is a beautiful dog you can't live with or enjoy showing off to your friends and family? Our lines have been selectively bred from the top kennels to insure even temperment as well as great conformation. We are the only Shiba breeder that does puppy testing to insure the dog you purchase has the temperment and qualities you ask for.

A Shiba puppy purchased from Niel-San Shibas comes with a full health guarantee. We raise the pups in our home - not a kennel - so they are completely socialized. We also start crate training. We're always available by telephone [(501)835-2295] or email to help you solve a problem or to answer questions about your pup. We want to provide you with your perfect puppy, whether your need is Show, Work, or a Family Pet.


 Jeaneen Niel and Teka, ROM, CGC

Jeaneen and Teka
  •  Over 30 years experience as a dog trainer
  •  6 years training Field Trial dogs
  • Obedience Trainer at Little Rock Dog Training Club
  • Agility Trainer at Little Rock Dog Training Club
  • 1 year in Search & Rescue work
  • 6 years in Shiba Conformation
  • The only Shiba breeder who Puppy Tests
  • Member of the Sooner State Shiba Club

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