Re-Pairing a Brush 'n' Grow Pony
These instructions are to help you repair the brush and grow mechanism. If you do somehting wrong I can't be responsible. I did make the repair on MY pony and it worked but it might be a different problem with yours. Please be careful.

If the head doesn't rachet after you have seated the thimble properly then the plastic ratchet system has just worn down.





Step ONE: Know your pony.....

Inside the pony is made of a few parts.

First there is a post inside the body. On the top of that post there is that little Bead of plastic. Normally they are attached to one another.That little bead is inside the head portion.when the pony is fully assembled

Second there is this Thimble. It clicks into place inside of the pony. if that isn't ckicked in then the head and tail won't ratchet the hair up. That si normally the problem. That little thinble becomes loose just a millimeter or so and then the pont wont work anymore.

Well, the thinble is clicked into place and then inside the head there is another Piece that acts as the ratchet. We will get to that later.





Step Two: Pop that little head right off....

You have to break that bead off of the top of the post. I was pulling to hard to figure out how to disassemle the pony and the bugger broke right off and rattled inside the ponies head. I just pushed a little to the side and upwards towards the head and the thing snaped. I was then free to reset the thimble and go about putting her back together.

Step Three: Ok so getting her back together. That means cutting her appart....

Here at the head you need to get that stupid little bead out. that means cutting around the head socket to remove the rachet part. You will need a VERY sharp blade. At the sides where the two hook-y bobbers are the skin of the pony is shallow. And vutting to wide will damage the outer layers and be visible. Once you have removed the rachet and gotten the bead out then you can either just place the rachet back in or glue it in. Now before you go to the next step make sure the head and tail work before going any farther. You can stop here and not put the bead back on or you can glue it back together. If the head doesn't rachet after you have seated the thimble properly then the plastic ratchet system has just worn down.

Step Four: Put that dumb little bead back on....

You will need EPOXY gue here. Super glur is to fragile to hold the bond you need.

Glue that little bead back on and let it dry for a few DAYS. Make sure it is really dry. This is the only stupid little thing keeping the head on.


Step Five: Put her together...

Ok so you have everything in place. Now put the thinble in. Make sure it clicks when you get it in there. if it doesn't you don't have it seated right. You must get it right in there. Now pop the head back on the post. Your mechanism has a great cance of working now.


there you go......hope it helps....

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