Alaska Scenes Advertising Policy

Most advertising on the Internet shouts; advertising on Alaska Scenes pages whispers.

Alaska Scenes began in 1995 as a noncommercial site featuring photo essays about Southcentral Alaska sights and events, and that is pretty much what it still is. It is a popular site, too -- more than 50 other sites have provided links to it.

Some of the visitors are attracted to Alaska Scenes because they are planning a trip to Alaska and want to know where to go and what to do when they get here.

For example, Alaska Scenes has received requests from as far away as South Africa for information about places to stay and things to do in Alaska. The site's TravelNow reservations service allows Alaska Scenes to accommodate these requests.

You won't find banner ads or blinking text promoting the lodging reservation service on this site. It is mentioned on several of the pages, either in a line or two at the bottom of the page or in an appropriate place in the text. The information is there for those who are looking for it; but it shouldn't distract those who aren't.

If you have a service that is related to the content of any of the Alaska Scenes pages, Alaska Scenes will advertise it for a modest fee by linking to it from appropriate places on the relevant pages.

As the World Wide Web has grown in complexity, a key to successful advertising on it is extending the number of signposts to your business site. Alaska Scenes may be one of the places where it will pay you to post your sign. If you think it is, contact .

A companion Alaska Scenes site includes information about places to stay and guide and charter services in Alaska. Information about adding a listing to either of these page or on other pages of the companion site can be obtained by contacting .

-- Larry Pearson    

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