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Updated October 27, 1998

Please, lets make 1998 the year that we give our Vets and their families the help and medical treatment that they deserve and that they so valiantly fought for. Dont let them down like we have let so many Vets down in the past.

Top ten ways

that you can help our

Gulf War Veterans

10. Say "thanks" to a vet for their service to our country. Wear a yellow ribbon in support of their continuing battle for our freedoms.

9. Write to your state senators and representatives and demand that they inform themselves on the issues involved in Gulf War Illness. This is Alaska's problem. too!

8. Write to your state senator and demand that our Gulf War Vets and support personnel be tested and treated for mycoplasmal infection, which may be the result of contamination in experimental vaccinations given to our military and support personnel during the Gulf War.

7. Write to your senators and congressmen and demand that the approximately 700,000 missing medical and vaccination records be returned to our Gulf War Vets.

6. Write to the Department of Veterans Affairs and demand that the scope of Gulf War Illness investifgations include not just chemical, but biological exposure, including mycoplasmal infection.

5. Write to President Bill Clinton and demand that an ending date for the Gulf War be established.

4. Get informed on the issues involved in Gulf War Illness. Mycoplasmal infections are contagious and are being spread via the nations blood supply.

3. Give to the Gulf War Illness Fund, so that more vets can be tested and treated for mycoplasmal infections. The VA is refusing to provide these services.

2. Agree to " Sponsor a Vet " for the cost of their testing and treatment.

1. Pray for our Gulf War Vets. With God's help this war can be won!

For more Information you may contact :

Gulf War Illness Fund

PO Box 3574

Soldotna, AK 99669

Phone 1-907-262-7813

Or E-mail to

Some Useful Gulf War Vet Links

Gulf War Veteran's Health

Gulf War Veterans's Illness's

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