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13 May 98 
TO:  VCVB Members 
FR:  Dave Lee 
RE:  Valdez Gold Rush Centennial Promotions 
The Bureau is moving forward a number of Gold Rush Centennial promotions that the City has recently endorsed.  The marketing will encompass a variety of media including television, a brochure, radio, a poster, and  the Internet, along with publicity efforts.  The product to be promoted will include the Gold Rush historical connections of Valdez along with the Museum, trails, and town improvements.  In addition, the tours and  activities will be covered in a general sense using the theme message of  Visit Valdez  and Experience the Alaska Gold Rush in Valdez.   

Our intention is to make this Valdez Gold Rush product as comprehensive as possible.  Gold Rush events such as the Independence Day celebration, Gold Rush Days, and the Labor Day / Discovery Day celebration will be part  of the promotion.  The Gold Rush activities of gold panning, Gold Rush  
route flightseeing tours and evening cruises, shows, movies and lectures will be incorporated into the message.  Also, the town improvements for the Gold Rush will be part of the product and include trail developments, banners, an historic mural, and historic photographs on  public display.  

Our goal is to make this list of events, exhibits and activities as  comprehensive as possible to provide the greatest number of reasons to visit Valdez. Your help is needed to accomplish this task. The broadcast ads, brochure, and poster are being planned now.  If your  business or organization is developing an exhibit, activity, or event  that is Gold Rush related, please let us know immediately by completing  and returning this form to us.  THANKS.....   

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