Kayak Adventures

$220.00 to $800.00 per day for up to 6 people, plus kayak rentals. The rate depends on the demands placed on the boat.

Left:Gorgeous scenery, whales, orcas, sea lions, seals, eagles and bears make everyday breathtaking. 
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This is a very exciting way to see Southeast Alaska. We can provide a safe place to sleep, store supplies and dry your clothes, while providing new sights everyday. It is amazing how much more comfortable you will be knowing there is someone within a few miles if you get into trouble, and bears won't be able to nibble on you at night.

Kayaks are available for rental in Juneau at about $50.00 for a double and $40.00 for a single kayak. We can make these arrangements for you and have everything ready when you arrive. Plan these trips early. If sleeping on the Top Dog, three adults is most comfortable. If the intent is for at least some passengers to spend nights ashore, six passengers is the maximum possible. Kids are always welcome. Rates are reduced depending on the demands put on the boat. If you don't need the boat for a day or two, you won't pay for it.


Fishing Photos

Killer Whale  Kayak  humpback Whale Diving 
Whales Bubble Feeding  Inquisitive Sea Lion  Eagle with Lunch 
seals on iceberg  Sea Lions  great sunsets 

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