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Merlin Agilis
"I've been with Merlin since the birth of the modern titanium frame. And I stand by Merlin for the same reason so many cycling professionals and enthusiasts do-the brand's uncompromising integrity. Because as easy as it is to be swept up in today's whirlwind of trends, Merlin circles confidently overhead. Like its falcon namesake, Merlin has evolved with each generation into one of the lightest, strongest and most beautiful of its species. Its singular MTS 3/2.5 tube specification, sculpted 6-4 titanium dropouts, and aesthetic welds are unyielding hallmarks of Merlin's relentless perfection philosophy. It's a philosophy that makes Merlin bikes one of the most labor-intensive to build. But it also makes the careers of many world-class professional cyclists. It even makes many new Merlin owners customers for life. And, to tell the truth, when I take my Extralight out of the shop for a spin, it makes me want to ride forever."

-Tom Kellogg