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Gary's original thesis was quite simple; a large diameter aluminum alloy tube, through the processes of extensive manipulation and heat treatment, would deliver performance gains thought impossible by standard construction methods. His proof: a prototype aluminum frame with oversized tubing that radically altered the conventional wisdom of the cycling world.

That was then. This is now. Gary is still passionate about riding. And obsessed with engineering. These twin passions are united in his bicycle designs. His mind is filled with a virtual encyclopedia of frame fit, flex characteristics, physics equations, metallurgical testing and anything else that goes into making great bikes. Twenty-five years after creating the first fat tube aluminum bike frame, Gary Klein is still making cutting-edge bikes. And the rest of the cycling world is still trying to catch up.

New this year to Kein Family is the new Adept. The Adept delivers the smooth ride you expect from a dual suspension bike but with certain advantages that you might not expect: it's stiffer, more efficient and lightweight. Its new X-type frame with Klein's signature Gradient tubing provides the extra stiffness that makes the Adept handle like a hardtail. A bulged head tube gives the Adept the precise steering control that you expect from a Klein.