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Jamis Dakar Pro
For Jamis, details are everything; all the time, every time, no exceptions. This passion to perform is evident in each and every one of the 28 Jamis bicycles offered in 2001. Detailing the accomplishments of the Diablo Series, the Comet or the Dragon would be easy, but would only showcase part of Jamis' achievement. To see our passion, take a look at the Aurora, the Durango SX, the Citizen. Compare these bicycles to the competition. Compare the famous Jamis ride quality to the others. At every level, on every model and at every price point, Jamis offers a winning combination of performance, quality and value.

Whether you are a first time cyclist or a committed racer, you have our pledge that we have pulled out every stop to make Jamis bicycles fulfill every promise of the Jamis brand.