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Congratulations to Scott Gomez

Wow - Scott Gomez - NHL Rookie of the Year 2000.  Anchorage boy does good.  Here's what he says about Darwin's theory:

The Stanley Cup
(Gene uses the Stanley Cup to get his balance.)

     Stanley Cup Champion Ring

Scott dropped in to show the folks at Darwin's what the Stanley Cup and trophy ring look like in person.  Darwin (Hisself) is a High "Mucky Muck" in Scott's fan club.

Budweiser and staff
Case of Bud presented by Brian to Brandi & Darwin in front of the Hitch pulled by the Budweiser Clydesdales.   Don Grasse in the blue jacket in the picture is the General Manager of K & L Distributors, the Budweiser people.

This Bud's For You
Brian gives Darwin the same case of beer again.