The Moller, Opus 7319


First Lutheran Church

Ketchikan, Alaska

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The Moller Opus 7319 3 rank organ was installed in First Lutheran Church, Ketchikan, Alaska,  in 1946.  The chests, pipes and blower are located in a small room to the left of the chancel, formerly a sacristy or vestry.  Originally, the sound came through an opening about 5' above floor level and about 5' by 6' in size, with swell shutters and covered with a grill.   The sound direction was across the chancel.  The church is rather large and the organ never produced a really adequate sound in that configuration.  About 30 years ago, on the advice of a visiting organist or technician, a larger opening was cut to floor level below the original opening.  The grill screen was moved down to cover the new hole and the totally ineffective swell shutters are now exposed to view.

Although the Diapason and Salicional are found at 8' pitch on the manuals, the bottom octave is all from the Gedeckt.  There are to "synthetic" stops on the swell:  a quintaton (Ge. 8' and 2 2/3') and an oboe (Sal. 8', Ged. 4' and 2 2/3').  There is a swell to great coupler, a tremulant, and chimes (about 20 tubes) on the great.  There is a crescendo pedal next to the now useless swell pedal.  It is thought that the organ console meets AGO standards.   The manuals have 61 notes and there are 32 radiating and concave pedals.



16' Lieblich Gedeckt

Great: 8'

Sw:  8', 4', 2 2/3', 2'

Ped:  16', 8', 4'

4' Diapason Conique (String)

Gt:  8', 4'

Ped: 4', 2'

4' Salicional

Gt: 8', 2 2/3', 2'

Sw: 8', 4'