The Casavant Freres Organ


First Presbyterian Church, Anchorage, Alaska

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There are on file the first specifications for a Casavant Pipe Organ at First Presbyterian Church, Anchorage, Alaska.  They were sent from Casavant Freres Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada on Oct 3, 1950 to the Rev. Frank Walkup, who had come to be pastor of the church in February, 1950.  Rev. Walkup had some expertise in organ construction and repair, so that the organ would have on-going care and repair.  This first specification listed the price at $6,643.  Later correspondence on October 17, 1952, spelled out the final specifications and cost of $16,800.

A letter of January 22, 1953, stated that Casavant Freres would begin building the organ at that time.  From the Easter bulletin of April, 1953, we quote: "Our new Casavant organ was to have been shipped to arrive early in May and is to be installed by June 1, 1953.

Out of a 50th Anniversary report, we quote: "In June, 1953, the new organ was dedicated."

The writer recalls Rev. Walkup's remark that this organ was the "Cadillac" of organs.  His enthusiasm and provision of care for the instrument did much to allay concerns that the expense was very great. (The nation was then involved in the Korean War)

Through the years, various adjustments to the original instrument have been made, and at this time, extensive repair and augmentation is being considered.

In the 1950's, there were many organ concerts given by regular organists for the church and by special guests.  The organ was moved from the sanctuary on 5th Ave and F Street in 1967 to its present location.



8' Open Diapason

8' Melodia

8' Dulciana

8' Erzahler

8' Erzahler (IInd rank)

4' Octave

4' Lieblich Flote

2' Fifteenth Great Super


8' Geigen Principal

8' Stopped Diapason

8' Viola da Gamba

8' Voix Celeste

4' Octave Geigen

4' Flauto Traverso

8' Trumpet


Swell Sub

Swell Super

Swell Unison Off


16' Bourdon

16' Gedeckt

8' Cello

8' Stopped Flute


Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Great Super to Pedal

Swell Super to Pedal

Swell Sub to Great

Swell to Great

Swell Super to Great

Chimes:  Independent draw knob played from Great

Total Stops:  19

Total Ranks:  19

Total Pipes:  1088