Sterling Investigative Agency is an Alaska based company committed to providing customized, personal service to those in the Business, Insurance
Legal fields, as well as the private sector.  
We aid our clients by locating, identifying and researching individuals and business entities, with our
principal goal to provide these services in an accurate, timely and cost effective manner.
 Since 1989 we have performed countless private
investigations, from Asset Reports to Workers Compensation fraud, 
ultimately helping our clients to be more productive in their efforts.

We provide physical surveillance, documenting activity with detailed and objective reports, video and still photography, utilizing state of the art
equipment and specially equipped surveillance vehicles. 
From Anchorage to Fairbanks & Soldotna, we are able to travel to most cases with
little or no travel charges to our clients.  
In a state twice the size of Texas,
we offer nearly 20 years of experience in the art of surveillance.  

We also provide a wide variety of in-depth information; accessing local, state and federal sources for Civil & Criminal cases, Motor
Vehicle records, Real Property and Hidden Assets, Business Information reports, and Missing Persons among others.

We are licensed and insured, to include Errors & Omissions, and experienced at testifying.  Our affiliation with state & national
 associations further aids Sterling with a
network of associates and contacts throughout the United States and worldwide.

While some agencies may promise results, we can promise that
Sterling Investigative Agency is

“Committed to Excellence”.



For a free and confidential consultation or further information, feel free to send us an e-mail at Sterling Investigative Agency  or call  (907) 745-5023. 
If sending e-mail, please put "INVESTIGATION" in the subject line.  Failure to do so may delay a response or cause your email to be accidentally classified as spam


Sterling Investigative Agency is a licensed investigative agency engaged in the gathering and dissemination of background information and consumer reports,
and as such we abide by the regulations adopted by
the Federal Trade Commission, to include the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act,
as well as the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act.  We will make
efforts to ensure that our clients requesting sensitive information are ‘appropriate users’,
and that the request for services serves a ‘legitimate purpose’.   Requests for information will be reviewed to ascertain
whether or not they fall under a permissible
purpose.  If applicable, only after the appropriate requirements are met, such as a Full Consumer Credit Report Release, etc., will we proceed.  If in doubt,
contact us 
for any requirements that a specific request may have to comply with.  We reserve the right to deny the request(s) for any services if we deem that a
legitimate and permissible purpose does not exist.

Any public record information contained in our reports has been obtained through online public record sources or by personal visits to sources of such documents, such
as the court of jurisdiction,
deemed by us to generally be reliable.  However, the client is on notice that these records are not always complete.  The public agencies and
other providers can and have missed some records and
misfiled others.  Back-ground information in our reports should not be relied upon without independent verification.
It should also be understood that there may be more than one person with the
same name as the subject of the report, and only by fingerprint comparison can positive
 identification be made.  Consequently, Sterling Investigative Agency cannot, and does not, guarantee
the accuracy of the records reported in our reports, and accept no
liabilities which may arise from the use of the same.  Client must agree that any use of our reports, and the contained within,
is in strict compliance with the F.C.R.A., and
state and federal equal opportunity laws and regulations.


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You can contact us at  Sterling Investigative Agency or  (907) 745-5023.

This is an information only website.  Sterling Investigative Agency does not collect or otherwise maintain personal data from visitors to this site.  If your case is accepted, be advised that
we adhere to the strictest policies of confidentiality and will take every precaution to protect your information & identity.  Due to the sensitive nature of information gathered about our
investigative subjects, proof of permissible purpose may also be required from you.

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