The Real Dude!

Dude playing
on Beluga Glacier
Dude as a pup with his brother Marty
Dude preparing for
a 36 mile race

The Real Dude Dog
Born August 10th 1989
Great Leader/Chief Goof

Dude is a Siberian husky. Dudes mother, "Blondie" was
an excellent leader and taught Dude almost everything he knows. She spent many days on the trail showing Dude the difference between "GEE" (right) and "HAW" (left). Dudes father's name is "Grizz". Grizz was an excellent wheel dog for many years ....grizz is retired now at 17 years old he enjoys snoozing in his snoppy sleeping bag most days and watching the younger dogs play. Dudes mother and father ran the Iditarod back in the early 1980's.
Dude has always been my inspiration for the cartoons...he has kept me laughing and smiling with his silly ideas. So next time you read one of the Dude dog cartoons think to yourself..."did Dude do that?" most likely.....
Dude never ran the Iditarod and never plans to, but he has enjoyed lots of trail time, many exciting moments both dangerous and humorous, several small races (which we proudly hold red lanterns awards) and wonderful camping trips with his team mates and musher.
We all hope that Dude has many more years of playing in the snow!

Safe trails,

Dude Dog Kennels


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