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MAY: This is the best month of the year for viewing the playful Sea Otters. In the mid to later part of the month they congregate in certain glacial areas to give birth to their pups. They find these glacial sanctuaries suitable for birthing and rearing primarily because sharks and Killer Whales don't often venture into the glacial ice as it will effect their surfacing and navigation. In certain areas I have witnessed hundreds of Otters, with their pups safely resting on their bellies, as they float about on their backs. As a bonus there often will be Seals resting amongst the free floating ice. This month also offers the best opportunities for viewing bears. At this time of the year the bears have just awakened from their winter hibernation, and they begin to wander the still snow covered slopes which makes them stand out against the that backdrop. They tend to make almost daily trips down to the water to dine on the fresh green grasses of spring. This also makes them more conspicuous than at other times of the summer when they generally stay in the dense foliage for cover.

For our fin chasing friends this is when the herring have returned to spawn amongst the kelp beds which brings in the Halibut and the King Salmon for a good feed.

JUNE: The snow has finally left the lower slopes, hills and valleys. The wildflowers have begun the seasons bloom with the Wild Iris being particularly abundant. The Humpback Whales are now more abundant in the southwest corner of Prince William Sound where they seem to congregate in the greatest numbers. For the fish, the Pink Salmon are now beginning to show up in large numbers, it is the peak of the King Salmon run, and the Halibut fishing is really beginning to heat up.

JULY: Summer is in full swing, all of the foliage is full, and the hiking from tide line to ridge line is a wonderful experience to take advantage of. This is also an excellent time for Kayaking and Camping. If you wish to do these types of activities in the glacial fjords, July and August are the best months for these excursions. At this time of the year the ambient air temperature has increased enough to make camping in these areas, where you may be literally surrounded by billions of tons of Ice, all the more comfortable. By now the Pink Salmon have returned in great numbers to the Prince William Sound creeks and rivers. It is truly an awe inspiring sight to see them spawn by the thousands in many bays. Halibut and Ling Cod are in good supply this month. When it comes to the words, awe inspiring, it is always a reminder of the glacial magnificence of Prince William Sound. Just one of the large glaciers, such as Columbia Glacier, calves on the average over 200 million tons of ice per day. Approaching the face of one of the tidewater glaciers absolutely defies description. Mother Nature has done some of the world's most impressive handiwork in this area. I have often heard the comment, "Oh, if you've seen one glacier you've seen them all." Nothing could be farther from the truth. I have personally seen glaciers from the ground and the air in the Brooks Mountain Range, the Alaska Mountain Range, and the deep fjords of the Southeast Alaska Panhandle. Take one trip to the Port Wells Glacial Fjords and no one could possibly say that they have seen "all glaciers."

A specially designed hull provides for a smooth ride even during rough seas. Many of our passengers have commented on the smooth ride and that they did not feel the effects of sea-sickness like they have on conventional boats.

AUGUST: This is definitely the favorite pick month for sport fishing and berry picking. The acrobatic Coho, or Silver Salmon, arrive in the Sound in impressive numbers. These fish are truly a lot of fun to hook into and they are a good eating Salmon. At this time of the year you would be most likely to catch up with us in Valdez, Alaska for the Silver Salmon Derby, where there is a daily, weekly and overall prizes for the taking. In 1994 we received the last of the daily prizes for an 18.5 pound fish caught on 6 pound-test line. We have come ever so close the last three summers but were just barely beaten out. Berry picking around the Sound this time of the year is exceptional as well. There are big ripe, orange and red Salmon Berries, and large sweet Blueberries. The hiking and wildlife viewing and glacier cruising all remain excellent opportunities to take advantage of. Silver Salmon Fishing Specials: $65 for 1/2 day, $89 full day per person and that includes all tackle.

RECOMMENDED CLOTHING: Rainjacket, rainpants, longjohns, either wool or polar fleece over longjohns, wool over polypro sock liners. If hiking, waterproof boots, warm hat, and warm gloves. Be ready for warm and sunny and cold and wet; multiple warm layers is the key to keeping warm.

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