Lorne Preston Bailey

24 Sep 2015

Thank you for visiting my web site. I am currently attending school at UAA with hopes of getting CCNA certification and pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Management Information Systems, or in Technology from University of Alaska in Anchorage (UAA). However, I have not yet officially been admitted to any degree program with UAA. As an Information Technology (IT) professional, the pursuit of continual learning about emerging information technologies and acquire more computer application skills as new business applications become available is a responsibility that I take seriously. Therefore, I am taking classes at night while I work during the day. I believe that a Bachelor's degree will ultimately open doors for me in my career. Meanwhile, I worked for State of Alaska, Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development as a full-time Microcomputer/ Network Technician II for more than 6½ years with hopes of advancing in Information Technology industry.

Genealogy is one of my favorite hobbies. Infact, I spend a good portion of my free time on the New Family Search web site, performing genealogical activities. I have included the following items for you to review:

Item:Last updated:
ACS Control Panel (Login Required)01 January 2008
Alaska Weather5:00 PM Alaska Time
Book Marks for Ubuntu Linux21 Jan 2012
IT Certifications earned (35MB PDF)25 May 2015
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints website
© 2009
Family Search utility© 2006
FedEx shipping (United States)November 2004
PDF FedEx-Kinko's Paper Selection
10 Jan 2007
FedEx-Kinko's Print On line© 2007
How to Start Your Car in Cold Weather7 Dec 2010
List of Contractors in Achorage that are worth seeking26 Jan 2012
List of Employers in Anchorage30 June 2008
Register to Vote in Alaska1 Nov 2006
Northern Skies Federal Credit Union (Login Required for all on line transactions)26 Dec 2006
People Mover Bus Schedules22 Feb 2011
Personal Favorite Websites
 other bookmarks
01 October 2015
Proclamation on the Family23 September 1995
Résumé19 Feb 2016
References24 Sep 2015
Sanford Family History Documentation by Carlton E. Sanford (210.6 MB)11 August 1910
Special Characters31 Aug 2006
State of Alaska Employee Documents21 Aug 2015
Student Web site08 Dec 2010
SueAnn's Favorites26 Jan 2012
Symantec™ Security CheckWithin the last 24 hours (Always being updated)
Windows™ UpdatesWithin the past week
A Universal Calendar that allows you to find the day of week for any given date, using the Gregorian System19 May 2006
University of Alaska Wolf Link (Login Required)1998
Wikipedia (on line Encyclopedia)Today (Always being updated)
Zip Code and County Finder02 Jun 2006

Please feel free to visit my
I'm a Mormon.
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to find out more about my beliefs.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to serving you.

Sincerely Yours,
Lorne Bailey
Lorne Preston Bailey,
A+, N+, I-Net+, MCSE