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Sport Fishing Alaska
(SFA) is a trip planning service working directly with anglers to plan personalized Alaska sport fishing trips.  We represent you, the angler, and it is our goal to place you where and when fishing is at its peak.  We are not fishing guides.  We assist you in planning and arranging fishing trips based on your wishes as to species of fish, type of fishing and facilities, within the amount you wish to spend.  When planning is finished you will have a complete itinerary with confirmed reservations for everything you wish to do including in-state transportation, lodging, fishing guides or lodges and sightseeing activities, if desired.  Everything will be arranged and scheduled for (and with) you from arrival until departure.

A member of the Better Business member and operating in Alaska for over fifteen years, our service is unique because of Larry and Sheary Suiter's professional qualifications and extensive first-hand experience in the Alaska sport fishing industry.

As an Alaskan fishing guide and air taxi operator, Larry has been featured in numerous articles in outdoor magazines such as Sports Afield, Alaska Angler, and Alaska Outdoors. For over 10 years, the Suiters owned and operated the premier Kenai River fishing lodge, Freebird Charters. In 1986, the operation expanded to the Naknek River and surrounding Bristol Bay watershed, where the couple provided guests with customized sport fishing trips. Sheary managed all the behind the scenes trip planning, organizing the details of everything from do-it-yourself non-guided float trips to upscale lodge accommodations with daily guided fly-out fishing.

As Alaska Southwest Regional Representative for the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), Larry became acquainted with some of the finest sport fishing waters in Alaska, along with the guides who fish those areas; he knows those who consistently put out high quality trips resulting in satisfied clients

Planning is critical.  While Alaska has some of the world's greatest trout and salmon fisheries, many of our waters grow few fish.  Most of Alaska's fish are migratory.  Consequently, many locations provide outstanding fishing as a run migrates past but provide few fish during other times.  The quality of fishing often changes drastically from week to week and various species of salmon are only available at specific locations at specific times.  Fortunately persons experienced in Alaska sport fishing can predict the timing of the best fishing with good regularity. To enjoy the best fishing you must be at the right place at the right time.  It is a shame to visit Alaska and not experience good fishing.  The secret is in thorough, competent, advance planning!

What you receive when contracting with Sport Fishing Alaska:

1)  Our extensive local knowledge and experience re where to go and when for top quality fishing.

2)  Trips scheduled when and where you will get maximum benefits for your time and money based on your budget, time schedule, species, and type of facilities desired.

3) Our knowledge of guides and lodges which are competent and well established.  When you deal directly with guides, their primary object is to attract you to when they have vacancies, not necessarily when fishing is best.  When working with SFA, you receive the assistance necessary to plan what is best for you and when to be there when the run peaks.

To begin the planning, SFA clients receive an informational booklet (via mail or web) which explains what to expect when you come to Alaska, including prices, weather, and what gear to bring.  It provides examples of costs, fishing license fees, and information on guides.  Of particular interest is a breakdown of when various species of sport fish are available in specific areas of the state.  This information enables you to determine when to schedule your trip to catch the species you want. If you are already familiar with the area you want to fish, if your vacation timing is restricted to specific dates, or if the trip is to be planned with less than 60 days' notice, you may eliminate this step so we may expedite the planning process.

A detailed questionnaire allows us to evaluate your individual needs, abilities, and desires. Based on this information, we then provide for your review customized trip options. Whenever possible, we'll utilize email correspondence so that you can quickly and efficiently access the recommended services' web sites which often provide more thorough informtion than can be included in printed brochures.

As part of the planning service, we confirm reservations for all or any portion of the following: hotel/motel/lodges/bed and breakfast/cabin accommodations, rental cars or RV's, air taxi charters, boats/kayaks, wildlife/glacier cruises, Alaska Railroad/Alaska Ferry, lodges/guides, as well as providing the information your travel agent will need to schedule commercial flights to and from Alaska.

When planning is complete, SFA clients are provided with a detailed itinerary along with their confirmed reservations and pertinent information for all planned activities. SFA clients pay the same rates (sometimes even less) as they would if booking for themselves directly.  The SFA planning fee for an entire party traveling and fishing together is $95.00.

In summary, if you would like us to work with you in planning a personalized Alaska fishing trip, upon receipt of the $95.00 planning fee, we will forward the information packet, including the questionnaire, and upon its return the trip planning process can get underway!

However you proceed, we encourage you to begin planning well ahead of your departure for Alaska.  Many of the better facilities fill up early, often as much as a year or more in advance.  Therefore, if you decide to have us assist you, adequate time to discuss your needs and finalize your arrangements will better allow you the type of trip you want.

If you would like more information about our service or if you just want to talk about Alaska sport fishing, please give us a call.


Larry and Sheary Suiter


NOTE:   We accept payment via personal or company checks. 
Payment from outside the United States via bank wire transfer.



Sport Fishing Alaska acts in the capacity of agent and shall not be held liable for, nor limited to, any delay or irregularity or expenses due to loss or damage of personal property, injury, or accident which may occur as a result of either, defective equipment, acts of God or default by firms providing services, transportation or accommodations.

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