Request A Demonstration Version
Scientific Fishery Systems, Inc

This electronic form is not completely implemented yet. To obtain a demonstration copy in the interim, please fax your request to us. Thanks!

Fisherman's Associate can help you manage your catch and ocean data; no other product on the market even comes close.  By completing this form, you can see Fisherman's Associate in action on your own PC.  After we receive the form we will send you, at no charge, a complete version of Fisherman's Associate on CD-ROM.  The demonstration version will allow you to test drive the product for a full month before it deactivates itself.  You don't even have to send the CD-ROM back; what could be simpler.

Fisherman's Associate runs on PC computers using Windows 3.1 or Windows95.  The PC should have at least  ??? processor, ??? MB of memory, and ??? bytes of free diskspace.

To request your demonstration version, please fill in the information requested below, and then push the "submit" button below the last field.  A demonstration CD-ROM will arrive by U. S. mail.

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