Section I: Webbed peeples.

This is "Weird" Sam Travis. Currently disguising his Machiavellianism as IT savvy at Alaska MLS. Has he earned his nickname? Evidence: you may be interested in his electrodes - or, as Sam would say, "I like it, too!"
Brilliant stealth writer, funniest APISKP on the planet, and recipient of the coveted "Nocturnal Wriggling Tasya" Award: John Schumacher. Cheery-looking fellow, isn't he? (Who says lithium is passé?)
Lance, Wirey Puller Pro Tem, is often seen staring at people at the park -- almost as if he was seeing naked Ernest Borgnines instead of passers-by.
This is Bryan. Our oddly-angled ethics discussions usually end with me killing someone. Don't worry -- it's never anyone you would know.
20-piece Chicken McNugget-Head and walking, talking, breathing Star Trek encyclopedia: Matthew K. Belmonte.
Woody is my most ancient chum (in chumness, not in actual age.) He "can be very strange sometimes." Now located in Seattle, scaring lost forest animals.
Brilliant climber and sure-footed theorist Kc (Brock) Morris. Also known for her excellent Joe-refuting skills.
Seth Golub. AI geek, eclectic synthesist, and heckler.
James Pressley, whose own personal hell would be being trapped in a '50s movie about home bouffants, and whose heaven would be "being duct-taped to a Barcalounger, while my butt is shaved with a bolo knife by a tanked-up Abe Vigoda in a licorice thong." (exact quote) Current whereabouts unknown, but probably somewhere in Alaska. Hear his demo tape for "The Dating Game".

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