Royce D. Williams

12115 Woodchase Dr

Anchorage, AK 99516-2060

(907) 522-7478 (home)


To improve the quality and effectiveness of computing for all users, on both daily and long-term bases; to create and maintain systems that are highly available, secure, maintainable, and resilient; to understand and improve upon the ways that systems, processes, and people interrelate; to provide creative and efficient solutions to a wide variety of system integration problems; to adhere to the principle of least astonishment; to write clear and useful documentation; to promote free software; to enjoy my work; to expand the efficiency, scope and impact of my effectiveness; to make lasting contributions to my company and my field; to excel.



Solaris 2.6 / 7 / 8 / 9 on Sun SPARC platforms (Sparc20 through E3500) (7.5 years)

Apache, BIND 8, ProFTPd, Livingston/Funk RADIUS, sendmail (8 years)

iPlanet/SunONE/Sun Java System Messaging and Directory (LDAP) (5.5 years)

Perl 5, Bourne, bash scripting (8 years)

Network Appliance NetApp F7xx (6 years)

W2K Workstation (7 years)

ipfilter (5.5 years)

FreeBSD i386 (6 years)

FreeBSD sparc64 (3.5 years)

SpamAssassin, MIMEDefang, Clam AV(5 years)

Cisco PIX Firewalls (4 years)


Cisco AVVID and basic desktop IP telephony (.5 years, 2004)

NT4/W2K server (7 years, primarily 1995-2001)

Unisys A-Series mainframe operations (NX4800) and terminal emulation applications (1.5 years, 1997-1999)

NT 3.51 servers (1 year, 1995)

PC hardware and software maintenance (Windows 3.x, 9x) (10 years; still relatively current)

DOS/NT batch-files/scripts (17 years)


August 1999 - present:

Systems Administrator I/II/III and IP Engineer III - Internet Alaska/ACS Internet

Administration of Solaris 7/8/9 and FreeBSD 4.x/5.x/6.x/7.x systems in a fast-paced, heterogeneous, 50K+ user ISP environment with steadily increasing architecture responsibility. Creation and implementation of Solaris and FreeBSD build procedures and standards, server and security maintenance. Performance tuning, capacity planning, and configuration auditing for machines directly exposed to the public Internet. Unix Perl and Bourne/bash scripting and automation; BIND 8 DNS configuration, standardization and maintenance (domain registration, IP auditing and registration, customer relations, and scripting). Technical lead for sendmail 8.x troubleshooting and maintenance (and integration with SpamAssassin/MIMEDefang/Clam AV). Technical lead for extensive Sun-based Messaging Servers - planning, installation and maintenance; and LDAP centralized authentication and customer provisioning conversion/consolidation. Project and vendor management for a variety of systems integration projects. Configuration and maintenance of Cisco PIX Firewalls and Cisco VPN Concentrators. Served as Tier 3 technical support for both consumer and business-grade ISP user issues. Extensive data organization, standardization, policy creation, and documentation. Provided point of escalation (including 24x7 on-call availability) and work review/supervision for operations personnel for all of the above.

February 1999 - August 1999:

Network Administrator - Internet Alaska

Configuration, maintenance, and backup of Lucent Portmaster 3 network access servers and AdTran TSUs/CSUs/DSUs; troubleshooting of Cisco routers and switches; ISDN, IDSL, and V.90 troubleshooting and documentation; planning and implementing CAT5 wiring, power requirements, out-of-band management for local and remote colocation and ISP points-of-presence; troubleshooting of dedicated customer circuits; turnip of data and voice circuits; coordination with LEC and WAN providers; IP address planning, tracking, and allocation; response to network outages with speed and with freely-flowing feedback and information; and creation, maintenance, and improvement of documentation for all of the above

December 1995 - February 1999:

Network Administrator - First National Bank of Anchorage

Administered a variety of Windows NT 3.51/4.0 servers and Windows 95/98/NT4 workstations on a TCP/IP WAN with 30+ physical locations, including server configuration (WINS/DHCP), backup scheduling, data organization, file security, client installation and configuration, network troubleshooting and reporting (Microsoft Network Monitor and HP Analyzer/sniffer), user education; occasional RAS configuration, automating application distribution and upgrading using batch files, login scripts and INF files; integration of legacy applications into new and existing systems, including Unisys A-Series mainframe, FEP, and terminal-emulation banking applications (ITI); and Y2K upgrades, contingency planning, and testing. Special emphasis on the analysis of unusual and/or cross-platform problems

May 1993 - December 1995, - October 1996 - May 1998:

Office Center Configurer - Sears Office Center

Solved computer software and hardware problems for customers on-site, in-store, and over the telephone; delivered, installed, and instructed customers in the use of personal computer systems; presented classes in basic Windows skills; installed and configured personal computer hardware and software

November 1990 - May 1993:

Sales Associate - Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Answered technical and benefit questions about computers and stereo systems; solved difficult customer problems with tact; completed sales transactions; solved basic-to-intermediate computer problems on an informal basis

July 1990 - October 1990:

Telephone Sales Representative - Sears Maintenance Agreement Office

Learned telephone customer relations and diplomacy; met sales quota


Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science - University of Alaska Anchorage, with a minor in Business Administration (2001). Documentation for my senior project, an anti-spam package written in Perl, can be found at <>




Available on request