Is your name Royce Williams, too?

Or do you have a child named Royce Williams, or expecting a child and want to name him or her Royce Williams?

     Wait! Don't give up! I'm not a domain squatter!

You can have one of these domains at cost if you have what I judge to be a legitimate connection to the name.

Nothing would make me happier than to see each of these domains in the hands of a different Royce Williams.

Why am I doing this?

I hate domain squatters. The thing that bothers me most about them is that they have absolutely zero connection to the thing described by the domain name. It's ridiculous to waste so many interesting domains on a few random ads.

A while back (like many geeks), I got domain-happy a while back and started registering domains like a wild man. Some of them had my own name in them. One day, I realized that I was no better than the squatters, because I had reserved the names but wasn't actually using them for anything. So I decided to sell them at cost ... but only to people with the same name.

Who can have one?

Here are some examples of what I consider to be a 'legitimate connection':

Here are some examples of what I do not consider to be a 'legitimate connection':

How to get one - the gritty details.

Here's how getting one of these domains might happen. If you are not a computer person, I can give you informal technical advice, but you may want to get a second opinion from your local geek.

  1. Contact me at so that I can talk to you a little bit, and possibly reserve the domain for you.
  2. If I judge your connection to be a legitimate one, I will then let you know what next steps to take. (If you or your minor are named Royce Williams, this might mean simply sending me a a notarized, registered letter, signed by you, attesting that you or your minor is named Royce Williams. If you are expecting, I can reserve the domain for you until you can provide same).
  3. I may elect to delegate the domain to you for a trial period. In such a period, I would direct the DNS servers or the domain's 'www' hostname to servers of your choice. The length of the trial period is up to me.
  4. I may then choose, at my sole discretion, to transfer the domain to you at nothing more than my total cumulative domain registration cost. I can provide receipts to justify the cost if you feel that it's unreasonable. (At this writing, most of these domains are running US$10/year or less, I've had most of them since 2003 or later, and I don't pay them more than two years in advance). You would be responsible for any third-party fees.

'Royce Williams' domains and their status.

Here are the 'Royce Williams' domains that I know of. Most of them are mine, but a few are not.

Bonus points if you want a top-level domain associated with your purpose (starting a nonprofit with '.org', a business with '.biz', etc.)

I'll try to make the transfer as fast and painless as possible for serious, legitimate requests!

Tired of staring at your own name? Try my home page or even ACS Internet!

INTERESTING FACT: Josiah Royce was an American objective idealist philosopher.

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