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Some folks who were helpful, for various reasons.
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Sean Kane: the proto-webber. Clairvoyant. Watch him closely. :)

Tartan Collier decided that I was a masochist and handed me the office of WebGuru on Saturn.

Bryan Medsker has constantly prodded my pages for weakness, insisted on staying up six hours later than me, and has managed to inundate me with enough information to put out a new edition of Trivial Pursuit.

Todd McCarty taught me how to make imagemaps and has been kindly when my ignorance becomes particularly noticeable. :)

Shane Kingry was kind enough to not kill me when my page made it necessary to reboot Saturn.

Curt Timmerman was my prototype for the quintessential UNIX hacker, and also taught me what it means to program despite the Mother Ship of Corporate Headquarters.

Adam Shand said, "Okay, I guess you're anal enough to be a sysadmin." :)

Tom Simes introduced me to the elegant world of FreeBSD

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