Section II: The aWebbish.

This is my great-grandfather, Andrew Peter Carlson. Looks pretty good for 140, doesn't he? Born in Sweden, he arrived at Ellis Island on his 18th birthday (May 20, 1886). He farmed in the Longmont, CO area for most of his life. This kept him too busy to learn Dreamweaver.
Stephanie Bauer: senior Prom date, Philosophy/Chem major, doctor of Philosophy, Mistress of Evil (Emeritus), and Supreme Truffle Enjoyer. One of the top five coolest people in existence. No longer a-Webbish, but kept here for reasons.
This is my sister Hayley, who has an email address, but not the net address. Weep bitterly for her. However, she can swim like a fish, and she's weird, too. (Heredity?) Married, three daughters, living halfway between both sets of in-laws and workin' it for all it's worth. :)
Rodney Dean Thomas Remily, illegitimate son of Lenny from "Laverne and Shirley" and David Bowie. Currently stomping grapes with hung-over vigor somewhere in Napa Valley, and still trying to get over a terrible B & D Oedipal complex. Do you want me to come pick you up at the airport, Rod? "No, that's okay."
This is the untamed librarian and unrequited English major Jana Herd. A strange mixture of jade and sanguinity, she is partially responsible for my Pink Floyd fixation.

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