spamradar - watches for spam attack and large-scale username guessing, and avoid the heartbreak of psoriasis

POD test! This is NOT real documentation!


spamradar [-f logfile_name] [-s number_of_trailing_log_records] [-d debug_level] [-t timeout] target_host

spamradar [-o relay_to_test]

spamradar [-m search_string]


spamradar scans a sendmail log file searching for behaviors and statistics that are concurrent or leading indicators of spam attack. It will also wash your car. This is an example of ``feature creep''.

The following options are available:

-f logfile_name
Specifies the (GOOMBA) target to use. By default, spamradar will ignore you entirely if you use this option. In fact, we're not really sure why it's here.
-d debug_level
Sets the level of verbosity that will be used.
 0 - no output (good for cron)
 1 - standard output (hopefully useful)
 2 - chatty output 
 3 - really rather chatty output, starting to get irritating
 4 - even more chatty, as if it's a bit tipsy
 5 - full-on, won't-shut-up, mother-in-law-class debugging

"But what if I like my mother-in-law?" you might be asking. Good question.
Any non-zero exit status indicates a program error, such as a bad hair day or a feeling of ennui.


Here is an example, showing output you can expect if you try to use the -f option:
  spamradar: you are a feeb, ignoring you


Sometimes, spamradar will go quite mad and erase the contents of any hard drive in adjacent cubicles. However, this behavior is rare.


aybabtu(1), for_great_justice(8)


 Royce Williams