Things that most folks don't find funny.

Jokes about ...

This list was written in a fit of screaming boredom in an Abnormal Psychology class a few summers ago. Most of the straightforwardly offensive ones (like "violent, repetitive rape") were thought up by the untamed librarian Jana Herd, and the sincerely non-standard ones (like "oregano" and "slow castration by blind dentists") were made up by me.

This list was formatted into HTML by Woody Hanscom, and therefore I must give him credit for first thinking of putting it here. Now, if only I can convince him to put a link to it from his own home page to get my page-hits up ... (wink)

This list has been floating around uncredited for a long time, but this is the one-and-only original, so if you have this on your page, you might consider linking to this one as a reference.

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INTERESTING FACT: Woody is called so because, when they met in fourth grade, my father remarked, "I'll bet Woody Allen looked like that as a kid."

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