Half a bee
must ipso facto
half not be.

But half the bee
has got to be
ah, vis-a-vis,
its entity - do you see?

But can a bee
be said to be
or not to be
an entire bee

when half the bee
is not a bee
due to some ancient


A la-dee-dee,
a one-two-three,
Eric the Half-a-Bee
Eric the Half-a-Bee!
Is this a wretched demi-bee
half asleep upon my knee?
Some freak from a menagerie?
No! It's Eric the Half-a-Bee!

A fiddle-dee-dum,
A fiddle-dee-dee,
Eric the Half-a-Bee.
Ho ho ho
Eric the Half-a-Bee.

I love this hive
bisected accidentally
one summer afternoon by me
I love him carnally
(he loves him carnally)

Royce D. Williams (royce@tycho.org)
Document title: https://www.alaska.net/~royce/Funny/halfabee.html
Last updated: 2016-10-15